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Ortho Dictionary


Tools affixed to teeth, designed for the alteration of tooth position or the adjustment of jaw structure.


A wire changed at intervals to guide teeth as they shift.


A circular structure, it offers a foundation for the brackets on the teeth.


The specialized cement that secures orthodontic appliances.


A fixture (metal or ceramic) on the tooth that anchors the archwire.

Coil Spring:

Situated between brackets, its purpose is to generate spaces between teeth.

Elastic (Rubber Band):

Small bands are used to exert pressure, aiding in repositioning teeth.

Elastic Tie:

Colored bands wrapped around brackets, ensuring the archwire stays in place.


A framework aimed at aligning the jaw and face by exerting gentle force.

Headgear Tube:

A receptacle on the back bands that accommodates the headgear’s inner bow.


A protrusion, fixed or detachable, designed for attaching elastics.


A slender piece of wire that secures the archwire to the bracket.

Lip Bumper:

Device attached to the lower jaw’s archwire, ensuring molars are held back to create space.


Protective equipment used during activities to prevent potential oral injuries.

Palatal Expander:

Tool designed to widen the upper jaw, adjusting its size.


A post-brace device that ensures teeth maintain their corrected positions.

Separator or Spacer:

Tiny rings that create gaps between teeth, facilitating other tools’ attachment.

Tie Wire:

A fine wire that helps secure the archwire to the bracket.


Soft material used to shield lips from potential brace irritations.


Orthodontic Procedures


The procedure of attaching and securing orthodontic bands to teeth.


The act of affixing brackets onto teeth using specialized adhesive.

Cephalometric X-ray:

Radiography that captures the entire head, indicating facial structures, teeth, and jaws.


A dedicated session for discussing and outlining the orthodontic plan.


Procedure for detaching orthodontic bands from teeth.


The act of extracting cemented brackets from teeth.


An imprint of the dental structure utilized to strategize treatments.


Transparent aligners offering a subtler alternative to traditional braces for certain dental misalignments.


The act of binding the archwire to teeth brackets.

Panoramic X-ray:

Radiography showing a comprehensive view of teeth, jaws, and neighboring structures.